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More Information on Biogents
  • Biogents' homepage. Besides building highly efficient mosquito traps, we also perform contract research and development on mosquito repellents and similar products.
  • Biogents' webshop, where you can buy other Biogents products. But do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in the BG-Sentinel for specific scientific studies or public health purposes.
  • The MCD project is funded by the EU and aims to develop a Mosquito Contamination Device that effectively lures, infects and contaminate malaria mosquitoes. As a member of the reserach consortium, Biogents focuses on attractive stimuli that can be used in such a device.
  • Biogents' Logo was designed by Herr Turtur.

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The new BG-Sentinel 2 as well as the original version can be ordered by contacting our customer support by email ( or fax (+49 941 569 921 68).

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Biogents Logo

This is a link to an external site Who is Biogents?

This is a link to an external siteBiogents also develops and produces mosquito traps for the end consumer market.

This is a link to an external site. Biogents performs contract R&D for producers of mosquito repellents and related products.

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