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Biogents traps are distributed by our following partners (all External site links open into a new browser window):

End consumer products: Anthony Todd, Mr. Anthony Todd,,

Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao & Suriname
All products: Bon Eco Solutions, Mr. Norman van Holst,,
External site,

Pacific Biologics Pty Ltd, External site, with their offer of
External site surveillance tools including the BG-Sentinel

All products: Boecker Pest Control Equipment Trading,,
External site,

Professional products: Tropical Exterminators (Rentokil Initial Bahamas Ltd), Travea Marshal, ,

Professional customers: Rentokil Initial (Barbados) Ltd, Mr. Andrew Collymore,, External site

Government and professional customers: Clarke Brasil Productos Para Controle de Mosquito,
Mr. Nivaldo Carlucci,,

Biogents representative in Cambodia and General Manager Southeast Asia:
Mr. Johan Knols,

Professional customers: Hangzhou Weiyuan Bio-tech Co., Mr. Ke.Gao,

Dominican Republic and Haiti
All products: SAM Technologies, Mr. Patrick Frechede,,

Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru
All products: Contax Solutions Singapore., Mr. Victor Dumont,

Edialux Professional customers: Edialux France, Z.A. Mācon Est - 01750 Replonges, FRANCE,, External site

Edialux France, Z.A. Mācon Est - 01750 Replonges, FRANCE,, External site

Professional customers: Protecta S.A., Mr. Michael Lekkos,
External site
Professional customers: GOULAS PROTECTION SA, Tel. : +30 210 83.11.100,
External site

Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin
All products: Sam Technologies, Mr. Patrick Frechede,,
External site

Professional customers: Yashika Solutions,  External site
All products: Sunrise Engitech Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Anand Tatooskar,

Research and monitoring products:
Bleuline, External site
ekommerce, External site
Newpharm, External site
Rentokil Initial Italy , External site

Professional customers: SEMCO,
External site,

All products: Aman Public Safety,, External site

All products: Procare Pest & Rodent Control Company,,
External site

All products: Boecker Public Health,, External site

All products: Prima Elite Technology., Mr. Zainal Abdullah,
Professional customers: Foggers Marketing Sdn Bhd, Mr. Fong Kim Hon,, External site

All products: K&S Consulting., Mr. Bart Knols,

All products: Agro Technic Pty, Ltd., Mr. Yi Wei,

All products: Boecker Public Health Services Limited,,
External site

All products: Boecker Pest Control Equipment Trading,,
External site

All products: Boecker Public Safety LLC,, External site

Saudi Arabia
All products: Care Technology,, External site

Research and monitoring products: MIL Commerce Ltd., Mr. Branislav Bingulac,, , Tel : +381 11 2271995

All customers: Agro Technic Pte Ltd, Mr. Yi Wei,, External site

MIL Commerce Ltd., Branislav Bingulac,, Tel : +381 11 2271995 

South Korea
All products: East International., Mr. Sean Kim,

Professional customers: Killgerm S.A.,  External site,

Professional customers: Edialux-Paradiffusion Rue du Tir au Canon 4, C/O ABCYS Business et Consulting, CP 2146 -1227 CAROUGE GE, Tel : + 33 (0),,
External site,

Professional customers: VP Mosquito Control Co., Ltd., Ms. Potjana Vianden,, External

Chung Hsi Chemical Plant Ltd., Mrs. Lillian Lin,

Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Government and Research customers: Institute Louis Malarde. Mr. Herve Bossin,
All products: No Moustics, Mrs. Valerie Yverneaux,

Trinidad & Tobago
Professional customers: Rentokil Initial (Trinidad) Ltd, Mr. Kumar Seepersad,, External site

United Arab Emirates
All products: Boecker Public Health Pest Control- Equipment Trading LLC,, External site

Research and monitoring products: NHBS, Mr. Steve Powell,  External site,
Professional customers: Killgerm UK, Ms. Jackie Richardson, External site,

United States of America
All customers (Resarch and monitoring products, professionals, government, end consumers): Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Tel.: 800.323.5727,,
External site

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This is a pdf-file. BG-Sentinel manual

This is a pdf-file. new BG-Sentinel 2 manual (en)

This is a pdf-file. new BG-Sentinel 2 manual (fr)

This is a pdf-file. new BG-Sentinel 2 manual (es)

This is a pdf-file. Biogents products for researchers

This is a pdf-file. BG-Sentinel literature list 

This is a pdf-file.Our online-database with publications on studies using the BG-Sentinel.

This is a pdf-file. Our scientists' literature list

Where to purchase?

The new BG-Sentinel 2 as well as the original version can be ordered by contacting our customer support by email ( or fax (+49 941 569 921 68).

You can also consult our
list of distributors.

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