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BG-Counter: Remote Mosquito Monitoring

Biogents offers the first commercially available remote monitoring device for mosquitoes, the BG-Counter.

The device is combined with the BG-Sentinel mosquito trap from Biogents, a trap widely used by professionals for the monitoring and surveillance of mosquitoes. The BG-Counter automatically differentiates mosquitoes from other insects entering the trap, counts them, and wirelessly transmits the results to a cloud server.

Via an web application you can manage your mosquito traps and get new insights into daily activity patterns, adult density indices, population dynamics and effectiveness of your control activities.

The BG-Counter enables real-time measurements as well as prediction models and historical analysis of infested areas. Vector control professionals can now establish surveillance programs with unprecedented data density and accuracy, overcoming labour constraints associated with manual inspection.

  • The BG-Counter reports mosquito counts remotely from everywhere in the world to an internet web page,
  • samples local environmental data such as temperature, relative humidity, .,
  • lets you manage the trap and the application of attractants remotely, and
  • reduces costs associated with manually checking mosquito traps.
More information on the BG-Counter and contact information can be found at the BG-Counter .


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2016/04/28 Press release:
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