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Updated 25.I.2013

Mosquito monitoring in the field

Biogents' mosquito trap for researchers: the BG-Sentinel

A result of more than 15 years of academic research into the host-finding of mosquitoes, the BG-Sentinel
(a.k.a. the BG trap or BGS trap) from External SiteBiogents is a mosquito trap used by mosquito professionals worldwide.

The BG-Sentinel mosquito trap:

  • mimics convection currents created by a human body
  • employs attractive visual cues
  • releases artificial skin emanations through a large surface area
  • can be used without CO2 to specifically capture selected mosquito species
  • is an excellent general mosquito trap when used with CO2

Used in combination with the BG-Lure, a dispenser which releases a combination of non-toxic substances that are also found on human skin (ammonia, lactic acid, and caproic acid), the BG-Sentinel is especially attractive for the yellow fever (or dengue) mosquito, Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti, the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus, the southern house mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus, and selected other species.

With the addition of carbon dioxide, the BG-Sentinel is an exellent surveillance tool for mosquitoes in general.

BG-Sentimel mosquito monitoring trap with air currents

The BG-Sentinel mosquito trap is essentially a collapsible, white fabric container with a white gauze covering its opening. The diameter is 36 cm (14 inches), the height 40 cm (1.3 feet). In the middle of the gauze cover, air is sucked into the trap through a black catch pipe by an electrical fan, drawing approaching mosquitoes into a catch bag (yellow arrows).

The air then exits the trap through the white gauze, generating ascending currents (red arrows). These are similar to convection currents produced by a human host, both in its direction, its geometrical structure, and, due to the addition of the BG-Lure, also in its chemical composition.

Interesting for professional researchers and mosquito specialists: the BG-Sentinel is large enough to incorporate additional attractants such as fragrant substances, small living animals, worn clothing, animal hairs, light and heat sources, etc. This makes the trap a very versatile tool for both monitoring and research.

Do you want to know more?

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Where to purchase?

The BG-Sentinle can be purchased by contacting our customer support by email (info(at) or by phone (+49 941 5699 2167).

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